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Neal Howard with Stephen Powell

Health Professional Radio

October 23, 2015

Achieving Zero Preventable Harm Across the Globe thru Quality Hospitals and Patient Safety

Neal Howard with Stephen Powell

Health Professional Radio

October 23, 2015

Guarantee your Safe Care from your Doctor, Don’t Become a Medical Error Victim

Neal Howard with Stephen Powell

Health Professional Radio

October 23, 2015

Patient Survival – Your Healthcare Team

Neal Howard with Stephen Powell

Health Professional Radio

October 23, 2015

The Healthcare Gauntlet: Being Proactive

Jiggy Jaguar with Richard Stone

May 7, 2015

Hospital Deaths #3 Largest Cause of Death in U.S.: How to Avoid Being Next Victim of Medical Error

Jason Hartman with Stephen Powell

The Hartman Media Company

July 9, 2015

Closing the Communications Gap Between Patient and Staff

Amazon Reviews


For those of us who haven’t been trained in medical language and processes, this is an invaluable resource! Quite readable, eminently practical, and filled with helpful questions, tips, & resources to help you apply these principles. As a pastor who visits many in the hospital, I plan to buy several copies and hand them out to those who can benefit from this. I love that the chapters are brief and organized for various needs so that those in an environment with many distractions can still get to the substantive help with limited opportunities for concentration. I highly recommend this resource!


A wonderful resource to help all of us navigate through the maze of healthcare issues we can find ourselves faced with in today’s world. There’s a saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” I think a good story is worth very much more. “The Patient Survival Handbook” is easy to read and understand, and is filled with honest, heartfelt stories. No home should be without this book!


These gentlemen have collaborated to create a story, rather a book full of stories that have the power to educate, to inform, and to move people toward a personal practice of safety in healthcare. The pages are chock full of stories, resources, and reminders that contain the power to save lives. Lives of parents, siblings, loved ones, those we care about, and those we care for. It is practical, honest, and optimistic in its approach, not another bashing of the healthcare system – which is so often and easily done, but rather a hopeful promise that if we become vigilant, educated advocates, we will better navigate this complex and miraculous system we call healthcare. Thank you for sharing this loving tribute to your fathers, that will ultimately make healthcare safer for all of us and our fathers.


A happy patient is a safe patient. Communication between caregivers, patient and family members is the critical ingredient in any patient encounter. Perfect out comes from all perspectives is the desire but there are times when such an outcome is not possible. More than ever in that scenario full communication is the only fair and reasonable approach. Bad news is very hard to convey so it is important to really have the patient and family confidence level as high as possible. This book provides the path to such a relationship with the caregivers.


Safety, communication and effective collaboration are essential to achieve the treatment outcomes we seek. This book gets us there. Buy it and use it today.


Practical information in an easy to read, absorb, and use format. This book could save a lot of lives. Steve can speak with an insider’s view of the system.

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