The authors of “The Patient Survival Handbook,” Stephen Powell and Richard Stone, are executives at Synensys, an Atlanta-based consulting company that has helped more than 500 hospitals in the United States and abroad create and implement roadmaps for achieving zero preventable harm.

Through its proprietary Healthy Organization model that offers tools and solutions for improving the six critical dimensions of healthcare safety – culture, leadership, teams, learning, implementation, and patients – Synensys enables organizations to improve quality, save money, and, most important, save lives.

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Our story reveals a history of results, a commitment to excellence, and a vision for the future of healthcare.

At Synensys, our passion for achieving zero preventable harm, patient safety, and quality is deeply rooted in human performance science. Reducing preventable harm requires a systems approach used in other high-reliability industries. Unique to healthcare is the opportunity to fully engage the patient and family in the pursuit of healthier outcomes.

Synensys evolved from Healthcare Team Training (HTT), which has helped transform more than 500 civilian and military healthcare organizations around the world through our focus on leaders, culture, and teams.

Our team supported the U.S. Department of Defense Patient Safety Program and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to develop TeamSTEPPS® (Team Strategies to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety), a teamwork and communication system that has now been adopted worldwide as a standard for team performance in healthcare.

After a decade of intense practice, our unique collection of proven tools and learning systems expanded to include customizable, outcome-driven solutions that improve patient safety culture, enhance the patient experience, engage healthcare leaders and increase staff satisfaction. Our holistic philosophy is successful due to its synergy of the six dimensions of a Healthy OrganizationSM, leading HTT to emerge as Synensys with a mission of helping organizations achieve zero preventable harm.


Partner with organizations to achieve sustainable change through continuous improvement.


A world where healthcare is driven by a safe, patient centric culture.


  • Service Excellence
  • Ethical Behavior
  • Team Orientation
  • Open Communication
  • Resilience
  • Mutual Respect

At Synensys, we believe that by creating healthier organizations, we can help save lives and achieve zero preventable harm.

We believe high-performing organizations value the human element above all other patient care components, and rightly so. Even when accounting for advances in cutting-edge technology, process optimization, and environmental considerations, it is human performance that remains the single-most fundamental aspect of quality care.

High-functioning, knowledgeable individuals are at the heart of high-performing organizations, and that’s where we start. We provide the tools and knowledge so that teams and leaders can reduce patient harm and infection, while improving patient satisfaction and staff engagement in a sustainable, efficient way.

Healthy organizations are continually adapting and improving. They develop leaders who empower teams. These teams implement ongoing improvement initiatives that foster an organizational culture of excellence, managed by learning systems equipped to share knowledge and prevent harm. Healthier outcomes are produced through our evidence-based methodology with a keen focus on safety and quality.

By equipping healthcare systems to incorporate the six dimensions of Synensys’s Healthy Organization model, we position our clients as leaders for this new era in healthcare. We are advocates for this change, this transformation in healthcare – because we know that healthier organizations produce healthier outcomes and healthier patients and is the first step toward achieving zero preventable harm.

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